Customer support

In the event of inconveniences, contact us, we will answer for you as soon as possible, and we will be the enterprise that will listen to the customer at all times.

The first original supporting policy in the country: the service mode of engineering special line.

Engineering special line service mode is the first technical support service implemented by Shengyu enterprise. And set up the national exclusive own "Shengyu Electric Power College", with Jinan University, Shenzhen University and other institutions of higher learning in the country to establish cooperation projects and friendly relations of cooperation. And through the guidance of famous teachers to cultivate a large number of professional talents. We solemnly promise our customers that we can apply for 24-hour timely technical support from the Power expert Group.

Sunwin cable for customers to provide close pre-sale, in-sales, after-sale full service.


We will be equipped with the most professional customer service staff for you to answer any questions, for your careful analysis, compared to the cable performance, so that you can rest assured.

In sale

Products are produced in strict accordance with the national standards, providing "quick" special person delivery service. We will send a professional on-site application engineer to provide on-site installation and training guidance to ensure that the installer understands and correctly installs the cable.

Field service criteria

  • You must pass the company's engineering service specification assessment and department engineering service qualification certification before you can go to the site to serve the customer. Any employee who has passed the qualification certification of the project manager will issue a chest card with the service ID number.
  • Implementation of the project person-in-charge listing service system, the project manager must wear a chest card at the project site.
  • The service site shall comply with the rules and regulations of the customer unit, pay attention to safety and civilized construction.
  • Services involving related operational safety must be performed with prior customer consent and under customer on-site supervision.
  • Pay attention to strengthening the customer's training, enhance the customer's understanding of our products, and improve the customer's product application ability.
  • Should take the initiative to inform customer leaders about the progress of service practice and cooperate with customers to the maximum extent.
  • Pay attention to the maintenance of the customer's interests, do not do harm to the customer, not to the detriment of the customer.
  • Before the service is accepted, the project leader shall submit the relevant service documents and materials to the customer's responsible person, and ask the customer's responsible person to sign on the above information list so as to bring it back to the archive.
  • After the service acceptance, the project manager will bring back the acceptance form, the acceptance form should have the customer's opinion on the project manager.

customer service

We strictly abide by the national "three-pack" service regulations, service outlets cover major cities throughout the country. Set up a 24-hour 24-hour hotline. Patiently resolve any inquiries and complaints from customers. And arrange relevant professionals to get in touch with you in 48 hours to relieve your worries. Make regular return visits to customers, understand their psychology and needs, listen to customers' opinions, make a good record, and be consistent in caring for customers' feelings.

After-sales service criterion

  • Customer consultation: customer hotline implemented 24-hour external duty.
  • The first question responsibility system is applied to the client's consultation and complaint questions, whether or not they are within the scope of the department. The receiver must take the initiative and enthusiasm, be patient and considerate, and answer the questions accurately and in detail.
  • At the service site, we should abide by the rules and regulations of the customer unit, pay attention to the safety and civilized construction.
  • Where customers consult, complaints first ask the person in charge of the immediate response, immediately reply to the customer and do a good job of explanation; If due to objective reasons cannot be answered immediately, or questions that are not within my scope of responsibility, the customer questions shall be properly transferred to the relevant personnel for handling, and shall be implemented after the fact that they are not within the scope of their duties.
  • An urgent problem must be solved within 24 hours and given a clear answer to the customer; the general problem must be solved within 48 hours and given a clear answer to the customer.
  • For not clear, grasp inaccurate questions should timely consult the relevant experts or relevant leaders and give the user an accurate answer, for really can not explain the question, should explain the situation to the customer, And take the initiative to contact the customer after the event.
  • The relevant personnel of the company shall supervise, inspect and assess the handling of the customer's consultation and complaint, and make a return visit to the customer, and make a regular communication within the company.
  • In the process of handling customer complaints and consultation, such as refusal and promotion, the responsible department and the responsible person must be punished according to the assessment regulations.
  • Complaint feedback: we have a hotline. Upon receipt of your complaint feedback, we will send the relevant professional staff to contact you within 48 hours to resolve the related problems of your complaint.