Headquartered in Sunwin TECHNOLOGY (Hong Kong), with research and development, production, management, marketing and other core experts from Sunwin TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LIMITED (Hong Kong)

We want to help employees grow and improve their lives.

We give employees the opportunity to learn, develop their interests and expertise, and provide a comprehensive staff training program to help them move towards a successful career.

Ensure that they are respected and that their dignity is preserved.

Let employees have the right to have a free expression of personal problems in an environment, everyone in a happy atmosphere, with the company to grow up at the same time.

To take responsibility as a belief, not only to customers, but also to themselves.

Adhere to the principle of commercial integrity, in the operation, including dealing with all kinds of relationships, practices, procurement, production, operation, sales and other aspects, should always maintain integrity and reliability.

Pursue high efficiency and harmony, strengthen execution ability.

Follow the standardized and efficient management mechanism, keep the high efficiency of the company's system operation, pass through the standardized system, cooperate with each other, balance the incentive and restrain effectively, and str