Headquartered in Sunwin TECHNOLOGY (Hong Kong), with research and development, production, management, marketing and other core experts from Sunwin TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO., LIMITED (Hong Kong)

Quality for 70 years

ShengYu employs imported raw materials with high quality, and has first-class production equipment, standardized production line management, professional management team and other top hardware capabilities, making it always win the love and recognition of many customers.

  • Quality Raw Materials

    Imports of Copper, Sufficient Material, Retardant Wire, Green Insulating Material.

  • Precision Manufacturing

    Automated production, Standardized Production Management, Fine Quality Management.

  • Professional Testing

    100% Quality Monitoring, Combustion Characteristics Test, Aging Test.

  • Excellent Results

    Safety, Energy Conservation, Stability, Enviornmental Friendly.

Responsibility for 70 years

Bigger career, there is need to take more responsibility.We only strive to do, intentions to do with really do.In the next 70 years,we will hold this faith consistently.

  • Care

  • Diligently

  • Persist in

  • Surpass

  • Details

Guarding for 70 years

Sheng Yu 70 years  not only means quality 70 years.As a 70-year life of the house, Sheng Yu hopes to be like this house, which protects you all the way through the storm.