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strategy of sustainable development

We are well aware that sustainable development is a driving force for social progress and guarantees long-term economic development. With the rapid growth of the global population base, urbanization, industrialization and economic pace, the global energy consumption is greatly increased.

Environment and products

Shengyu Cable focuses on the coordination with the environment, provides environmental protection, health, safety cable products, committed to become a leader in co-existence with human enterprises.

Environmental Safety Management Policy

  • improvement of relevant regulations

    Comply with environmental, safety and health regulations, specify strict internal management standards
  • technology development

    Take advantage of experience,technological innovation and development to pre-prevent environmental impacts and risk factors.
  • operate transparently

    Taking product development, design, production, service and scrapping as the main factors, first of all, focus on environment, safety
  • Consensus-building and spontaneous participation

    To carry out the education and training of the active participation of all the employees

Environment safety management strategy

一.improving the (ESH) management level of the environmental, safety and health management system
  • Construction and Operation of Environmental Safety Management system for all Business departments at Home and abroad

  • Enhance the security of the cooperative enterprise environment

  • Establishment of computer-based (IT) system for Environmental Safety

二. Building a Health and Safety Division
  • Operate Health Enhancement programs

  • Introduction of a system of personal physical strength diagnosis

  • Ensure the safety of dangerous equipment (IT) system

三.Quiet technical activities
Reduction of pollutant emissions
development of environment-friendly products
Energy saving
Reducing the use of hazardous chemicals
Operation of Green purchase system